the Journey

Community Church


  • GOSPEL - The person & work of Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do. 
  • SCRIPTURE - The Bible is our "road map" for faith & life. 
  • PRAYER - Prayer is the key to exalting and enjoying intimacy with God, experiencing His power, and discerning His wisdom and will. 
  • RELEVANCE - Our goal isn't just to help people know more. We want them to become more! 
  • RELATIONSHIPS - Spiritual growth is meant to happen in community. Intentional, caring relationships mark every aspect of Journey Life.
  • DIVERSITY - The Gospel unites and celebrates all races & ethnicities as equal & created as God's image-bearers. We want to reflect that as a church community. 
  • HONESTY - We are all works in progress, none has completely arrived. We invite you to join the journey with us. 
  • GENEROSITY - Loving God and loving our neighbor are inseparable commands. We are committed to being a powerful presence for good in our region and beyond. 


In essential beliefs, we have unity. In nonessential beliefs, we have liberty. In all our beliefs, we show charity. 

Briefly, we are Trinitarian, Gospel centered, Biblically grounded, historically Christian, and outwardly focused. We believe the Gospel ("Good News") is not just intended to be preached, but also lived out through lives of love & service.

Learn about our founding Pastor, Tom Sparling


"Rooted in Christ..." - Colossians 2:7a

Dress comfortably... expect a friendly welcome... 

plan to hear from God... stay for coffee & to connect with others.

We are committed to joyfully worshiping Jesus together. Our weekly gatherings creatively blend music, personal stories, media, prayer and scripture to bring glory to God and to deepen our experience of His presence. Teaching on Sunday mornings focuses on having scriptural truth connect to our daily lives. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, our goal will be to help you take your next step.


"...strengthened in faith..." - Colossians 2:7b

Relationships are not an option. God made us for relationships. And that includes the most important relationship of all - with Him! That's why spiritual growth happens primarily in community.

Life Groups play a vital role in The Journey - a place where people can connect with others in a meaningful way - where we foster a relationship with God through the study of scripture and learn from each other. In Life Groups, we do "life" together.


"...overflowing with thankfulness." Colossians 2:7c

Grateful people are generous people. 

Our thankfulness to God ought to create an overflow in us that blesses others. 

Too often, Christians have spoken about God's love, but failed to express that love in their interaction with others. We are committed, not only to sharing the Gospel, but to living it as well. This "generosity factor" is described by Jesus in Matthew 25 - "Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."